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indie labels

good article here in the guardian:

4ad still going strong. but i wonder do most people follow labels as much anymore ? personally, there's so much music out there & i have neither the time nor inclination to go trawling through every site/review/shop so having filters like labels/shops/blogs helps to narrow down what i'm looking for. however, the result is that i end up buying lots of variances of the same theme. i have got real narrow in music tastes - maybe it's an older comfort thing - or a money thing - or a time thing. dunno really.

I think it's a little bit inevitable that one finds their niche the more they get older. I don't think it's necessarily a comfort thing - yes, some of it is, obviously, like anything one gains enjoyment from. You become more wide to fads, music with little to it but a buzz/hype, yer more knowledgable, you can spot emperor's new clothes (or when it isn't natch). I just think it's important to give other stuff a go a bit. People get stick for being stuck in their way musically, but peeps who just hop on every trend just to keep themselves "relevant" can be equally silly. Jack of all, master of none, or like that classic Onion article "I like all kinds of music".

Filters can be a good thing, and you'd never get anywhere without them and I think I'll always use labels as a filter, be in a both good and bad way. Like Steffi's Dolly label, it's got plenty of seemingly good artists on it, but the selections chosen by the label are really average, so I tend to to not bother listening anymore.