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Chicago-based daily Internet Zeitgeist devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews.

DJ History

A website dedicated to the history of dance music and DJing, with a huge community of producers and DJs

Resident Advisor

One of the world's largest independent electronic online music magazines.


An online extension of the "everything thats good about the music and arts" magazine of the same name

The Daily Swarm

Aggregated music news headlines

Red Bull Music

News and features from the RBMA


Electronic music news, radio, podcasts, clubs, festivals, and user community powered by Beatport

Data Transmission

An online dance music magazine with a wide scope


Online version of the dance music and club culture magazine.

BBC Radio One

News from the biggest radio station in the UK tailored for a specifically youth audience.

Electronic Beats

Interviews, features, fashion and lifestyle stories as well as travel reports from the most exciting cities in the world

DJ Mag

Club culture, DJ Technology, Dance Music News, Interviews, Features, Interviews, and Reviews