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Bodytonic Poll of the Year results

From every corner of the globe you voted in your thousands, now lets see what the outcome was.

Podcast of the year : Fish Go Deep

Fish Go Deep

Listen to the Podcast.

There was some tough competition here, as there have been some brilliant podcasts this year. Notable runners up were Robert Hood, DJ Yoda and Ben Klock but Fish Go Deep edged it with 15% of the vote.

Event of the year: Electric Picnic 2008

Electric Picnic

All of our EP related stories.

Another tough category, but Electric Picnic took it with 15% of the vote, Ben Klock and Carl Craig at the Twisted Pepper a close second at 11%.

Hero of the year: Barack Obama

Barack Obama

What we've said about Obama

With an unprecedented 26% of all votes, America's president elect stole the show in our poll, just as he did for most of the year.

Loser of the year: Politics


As much as you loved Obama, you hated other politicians and politics in general. Vitriol was reserved for the likes of Bertie Ahern, Robert Mugabe and of course Sarah Palin. But the outright winner/loser here was the debacle over Irish licensing laws. We all did our part to stop it, but in the end, it seems in Ireland, we're destined to celebrate the small victories.

Thanks to everyone who voted. In compliance with strict UN guidelines on democratic voting procedures, anyone can seek an independent examination of our voting system by PMing the shit out of Matthew.


  • Dazboy @ 19 Dec 2008 14:19

    Let it be known that Tom Beary is my Hero Of The Year

  • conzo @ 19 Dec 2008 14:29

    Are you trying to ask for some sort of recount Daz? That shit won't fly round here.

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