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Black Lips Cancel Iraq Tour

Garage rockers the Black Lips have been forced to cancel their September tour of Iraq.

The band have a history of going to obscure places, but these tours have never gone smoothly. In 07 the band played a tour of Israel and Palestine which saw a member of the film crew following them get shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet by Israeli police.

Their much fabled 09 trip in India ended with the band having to flee the country while being pursued by Indian police after a band member stripped on stage and kissed a fellow male band mate.

Black Lips had hoped to play a broad tour of the Middle East, taking in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. A couple of weeks ago Bassist Jared Swilley said “We want to bridge the gap between us and them, because there are pretty nasty relations between the Western world and the Middle East right now. I think we’d be good ambassadors. We bring music, not bombs.”

While it would have been interesting to see how the Black Lips would have fared out East, these plans have now been shelved. Black Lips stated “We had to cancel the syria and iraq tour in september because everyones mad at each other at the moment” via their Twitter.


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