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Bodytonic Podcast 064 : Lowtec


Bodytonic Podcast 064 : Lowtec
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Jens Kuhn's approach to music can be described as agreeably Miesian: less is nearly always more. His discography stretches back over 13 years, yet his output is pleasingly sporadic. His choice of labels throughout those years - David Moufgang's Source Recordings, Playhouse, Out To Lunch - reflects his recorded output too: he's studied the classics, but filters them through his left-of-centre lens.

He began the Workshop label in late 2006. Like-minded artists like Even Tuell, Kassem Mosse and Move D found a home there, and it quickly became a go-to destination for anyone looking for something a bit different. The label's minimal aesthetic - hand-stamped logos on white labels - has been done before, but it certainly pre-empted the recent vogue for faux-anonymity.

Workshop has just released a project from Reagenz (Jonah Sharp and David Moufgang), reviving some tracks the pair recorded in Sharp's San Francisco base in 1994, and pairing them with new works. 'Playtime' is available as a separate 12"s or compiled on one CD (or, if you really want, a special vinyl plus CD package from select record stores).

Kuhn himself has been busy - but not too busy, of course. His recent Polyfon release, 'Angstrom', is a late contender for your 'records of the year' list, while 2010 brings two new remixes: Antonelli Electr. on Dusseldorf's Level Records and Gadi Mizrahi on Spectral.


  1. STL 'QRZ' [Something 02]
  2. Reagenz feat. Fred P 'Keep Building' [Workshop 09.2]
  3. Newworldaquarium 'The Force (Ame remix) [Delsin Ape03]
  4. Levon Vincent '1000 Miles From Home [Novel Sound ns02]
  5. Marvin Dash 'Behind The Dancefloor' [Out To Lunch 10]
  6. XDB 'Cagomi EP A1' [Metrolux 05]
  7. Dreesvn 'Maen Mix' [Sextagsmania 18]
  8. DJ Sprinkles 'Reverse Rotation' [Mule Musiq 33]
  9. DJ Koze 'Mrs Bojangels' [Circus Company 37]
  10. Black Knight 'Moody' [Source records ms00641]


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