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Bodytonic Podcast by CK: Teachers (House Music 1989-1997)

Something a little different this week, and all the better for it, as we take an awesome themed mix by the mysterious CK on the topic of Daft Punk's Teachers influences. Get down & get educated! Here's what CK had to tell us about his inspiration behind the killer mix:

"I've had an unhealthy obsession with Daft Punk since the very first time I heard 'Homework' in Tower Records the week it came out. The album blew my mind completely and then seeing their incredible live show in the Red Box a couple of months later pushed me over the edge into out-and-out fanaticism.

Trainspotter that I am, I found myself obsessively tracking down records by the artists that had influenced them. From poring over the liner notes of 'Homework' and listening over and over to their Essential Mix from 1997, I came across so many great artists - people like Pepe Bradock, Moodymann, Daniel Wang and Motorbass as well as non-'dance' stuff like Can and Ween.

I discovered that the majority of their influences were from Chicago and had released tracks on labels like Cajual, Relief and Dance Mania. I loved the way they took the basic Chicago house template and mutated it into something very distinctive by incorporating elements from all over the musical spectrum - funk, rock, disco, hip hop - even Barry Manilow!

Having been exposed to so much great music by exploring Daft Punk's influences, it occurred to me that a mix of their 'Teachers' might be interesting. I never got around to doing anything about it until this summer when I started making a shortlist of tracks. I ended up with over 300 tracks (!) and then slowly pared it down to whatever worked in terms of an actual mix.

My aim was to try and produce something in the spirit of I-F's 'Mixed Up In The Hague' - where you could tell that it was a labour of love with a lot of thought going into the track selection and the flow of the mix. Obviously that was a lofty ambition but overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Daft Punk have a very diverse fan base at this stage in their career and I like the idea that maybe some of their younger fans will listen to the mix and hear something like 'Acid Eiffel' for the first time.

'Shout outs' to my wife, Monica, for her fantastic input, Steve McC, Dave O'D, Towbar and Feidlimidh Metrotek for technical support - and finally Bodytonic for hosting the mix."

Mastered by Will Kinsella, Ceoltronic.


Carl Craig (69) - Sound on Sound (Planet E) 1993

Mike Dearborn - Raw Acid (Djax Up Beats) 1995

DJ Hyperactive - Tilt (Sm:)le Communications) 1996

Baby Pop - U Know What I'm Sayin' (Relief) 1995

Boo Williams - Flashback (Relief) 1995

DJ Funk - House the Groove (Dance Mania) 1993

DJ Pierre/Roy Davis (Photon)-Give A Little Love(Wild Pitch mix)(Strictly Rhythm)1992

Mike Dunn (MD Xpress) - God Made Me Phunky (Solo) 1994

DJ Sneak - Sounds From The Pipe (Cajual) 1996

Motorbass - Ezio (Different) 1996

DJ Tonka - Give It Up (Force Inc.) 1995

Daniel Wang - Unhouse (Balihu)

Lil Louie Vega/Tony Humphries (Hardrive) - Jus' Believe (Strictly Rhythm) 1993

Parris Mitchell/Jammin' Gerald - Ghetto B**ty (Dance Mania) 1994

Idjut Boys - Schlamm Me (U-Star) 1996

Nick Holder - Get It Up (DNH) 1994

Joey Beltram (Code 6) - Quad II (Nu Groove) 1991

Todd Terry - Bounce To The Beat (Freeze) 1994

Todd Edwards - Push The Love (i Records) 1997

Boo Williams - Cloudburst (Relief) 1995

Paul Johnson - Y'all Stole Them Dances (Relief) 1994

Mousse T - Everybody (instrumental) (Swing City) 1996

Kenny Dope Gonzales/Lil Louie Vega (Kenlou) - The Bounce (MAW) 1995

Cajmere - Electric (Cajual) 1997

Armand van Helden - Break da 80s (Strictly Rhythm) 1994

Drexciya - Water Walker (Submerge) 1994

Glenn Underground - Beyond (Cajual) 1995

DJ Slugo - Drum to Drum (Dance Mania) 1995

Armando - Confusion's Revenge (Muzique) 1989

DJ Deeon - Ping Pong (Dance Mania)

Neil Landstrumm - Scratch'n'Sniff (Peacefrog) 1996

Waxmaster - Ride the Pony (Dance Mania) 1997

Cajmere - Horny (Horny Toad mix) (Cajual) 1995

DJ Rush - Crusing (Dance Mania) 1991

Robert Hood - The Pace (Axis) 1994

DJ ESP - Ab Fab! (Volume) 1995

Richie Hawtin (Robotman)-Do the Doo (Plastikman Acid House remix) (Definitive) 1993

K Alexi (K.A Posse) - Stick Music (D.J International) 1990

Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots (Harthouse) 1994

Mad Mike Banks/Davina - Don't You Want It? (Happy) 1992

Brian Wilson - 'Music is God's Voice'

Laurent Garnier/Shazz/Ludovic Navarre (Choice) - Acid Eiffel (Fragile) 1993


  • Sledgehammer255 @ 13 Dec 2011 3:18

    Savage job on the mastering by Mr Kinsella.
    Would be great to see/hear an all nighter B2B between him and Barry Redsettaz(a clash for Irelands!)

  • Paul_Chillage @ 14 Dec 2011 8:13

    very nice indeed

  • TheFesta @ 20 Feb 2012 16:59

    Signed up especially to comment on this mix! Huge Daft Punk fan since getting "Homework" in 97 and this mix is truly brilliant, well well done sir *clap clap clap* : ) - agree totally with sledgehammer, mastering is top notch..... if you are a fan of dance music in any shape or form(especially if you like daft punk and would be interested in their musical history - this is the mix for you) Hell even if you are a country and western fan... no wait....maybe thats going too far - but you get the idea : )

  • CK @ 21 Feb 2012 20:21

    Thanx for the feedback - appreciate it!

    And Mr.Kinsella certainly did do a great job on the mastering front.

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