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Nitetrax Edition 8 by Manny Zambrano

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Manny Zambrano

Nitetrax Edition 8

    DJ Cndo, 'Terminator', Soul Candi Red 2009

    Drive Me Home ft Spoek Mathambo & Riky Rick, 'Blah Blah Blah' (Machinedrum dub), Citinite 2011

    Sully, 'Let You', Keysound 2011

    GuGu, 'RockAByeBaby', DVA Music 2011

    LV & Joshua Idehen, 'Talk Talk', Keysound 2011

    Jam City, 'Island', Night Slugs 2011

    DVA, 'Polyphonic Dreams', Hyperdub 2011

    Ikonika, 'Cold Soaking', Hum + Buzz 2011

    Roska, 'Jackpot', Rinse 2011

    Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, 'Fact Of The Matter', 7th City 1998

    Terror Danjah ft Meleka, 'You Make Me Feel', Hyperdub 2011

    Vibezin, 'Hot 4 U', Keysound 2011

    Funkineven, 'Roland's Jam', Eglo 2011

    Dirty Paraffin, 'Drip Dry' (remix), self-released 2009
    Fillmore, 'Diamonds', unreleased 2007

    Marcus Mixx, 'The Spell' (Ron Hardy mix), Let's Pet Puppies 2006
    Kissey, 'Cry', unreleased 2011

    The Weeknd, 'Gone' (Funkystepz edit), unreleased 2011

    Cooly G, 'Him Da Biz', Dub Organiser 2009

    Drive Me Home, 'Hook It Up', Citinite 2011

    Big Space, 'Summer Gear', unreleased 2008

    DJ Earl, 'Enlightenment', Planet Mu 2011

    Patrice & Friends, 'Gasp', self-released 2011
    Machinedrum, 'Sacred Frequency', Planet Mu 2011

    Patrice & Friends, 'In The Park', self-released 2011
    Death Grips, 'Blood Creepin' (instrumental), Third Worlds 2011

    Krampfhaft, 'Perfect Gain Structure', Saturate 2011

    Africa Hitech, 'Out In The Streets' (VIP), Warp 2011

    DJ Rashad & DJ Gant-Man, 'Heaven Sent', Planet Mu 2011

    Pharoahe Monch, 'Simon Says' (Kissey remix), unreleased 2010

    Sylvia, 'Pussy Cat', Vibration 1975

Genre: Electro

Recorded 2 years, 6 months ago.

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