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Bodytonic Podcast Adam Marshall (New Kanada)

An exclusive podcast from Adam Marshall label head at New Kanada . . .

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Next up in the Bodytonic Podcast series is Adam Marshall, producer & label-head of New Kanada records. Born and raised in Toronto, and now based in Berlin, Marshall has been active as a producer, DJ, promoter and label head for 10 years. But, at a point in his career where other musicians find themselves slowing down and settling into their comfort zone, Marshall seems refreshingly unencumbered by his past achievements—and equally unconstrained by the limits of the scene around him. Marshall has long been a top-notch producer, but the past few years have seen his work getting more inspired, more experimental and more confident in its own path. In his DJ sets, Marshall makes the link between precision-tooled techno and bass music’s rhythmic trickery, playing fast, tight and dexterous. And a new sub-label, NKLTD, promises to focus even more intently on music falling outside the confines of house and techno as they’ve come to be known. The boundaries of New Kanada may not be clear, but that’s what makes the label so exciting. Instead of chipping away at calcified forms, Marshall translates the essence of classic dance music into compelling new forms. Whether working as a DJ, producer, live performer, label head or curator, his vision is singular—and the results, exhilarating. Adam is keeping his track cards close to his chest for this mix so get involved and see what you can spot and add it in to the comments below :)

Here is what's coming up for New Kanada:

NK32 - Tazz - "Cosmic Sex EP"

NKLTD02 - Imugem Orihasam - "Skit 5 EP"

Out Soon:

NK33 - Adam Marshall - "Bass Tracking EP" (vinyl - April 25th)

NK34 - XI - "Joy/Fear EP" (vinyl - May 10th)

New Kanada

Option Music



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