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Four Heroes: Kemetrix aka Soulwerkz Detroit

Walk like the Kemetian by getting the inside tracks on his Four Heroes...

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Introducing Motor City's superbly talented Kemetrix, aka Soulwerkz Detroit. Part of the Mahogani Music family thus closely associated to Moodymann as well as Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray, Kemetrix blazes a unique path through soul, funk, ghettotech and sci-fi electro styles. His sound brings both KDJ's deepness and Stingray's futurism to the table, merging both sides of Detroit's 20th century musical heritage, Motown and Metroplex, in singular fashion.

Kemetrix's influences range from Curtis Mayfield's falsetto vocal style and social commentary, to George Clinton's collage production style, and J Dilla's raw and unquantized beat programming. Kemetrix's music comes from the ghetto. It is raw, intense, and authentic, a unique expression of the struggle and hardships of Detroit inner city life - true soul music for the 21st century.

Here's Kemetrix's Four Heroes that inspire & inform his music...

Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians)

Their non-commercially influenced way of living, they were closer to God then modern man will ever get. We only use 10%of our mind today some of them were using 65 to 75% of their minds others 90%(Jesus, Muhammed, Moses) etc.Today's modern building sciences cannot match up to the great Pyramids.

Mr James Brown.

There was only big band music in the early days he forever changed the beat of music. America was in depression, racial segregation was a way of life he brought people together through music and taught black people to have pride to be black and proud of it and he was FUNKY and SOULFUL. Bootsy Collins was schooled by him.

Bruce Lee

He taught the world that you didn't have to do things the same way that it was okay to be different.That there shouldn't be styles or one way of doing things he said use noway as your way no style as your style and he taught all not just his own people and he was Asian but he married an American white woman.

Muhammad Ali

Not only was he the greatest boxer of all times he was a champion for the people. Islam means peace a true Muslim refrains from war and violence. When he was Cassius Clay he won a Gold Medal for the US in boxing. After converting to Islam the US drafted him to fight in Vietnam and because of his religion he told this government no Vietnamese ever called him a nigger! He was stripped of everything and judged for prison he stood up for all poor people of colour and poor whites too he truly was the greatest. He lives here in Michigan.


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