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Four Heroes: Ital

Ital rocks his Four Heroes...

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This weekend at the C2C12 - Club To Club Festival 2012 being held in Torino, Ital aka Mi Ami aka Daniel Martin-McCormick will be part of a killer line-up of acts including Kode9, Actress, Laurel Halo, Regis, Jeff Mills and molto molto more. With events being held across an exclusive circuit of baroque theatres, contemporary art centres, clubs, post industrial pavilions, historical squares, creative districts, classical auditoriums, it's not too late to check out for a last minute jaunt over. We caught up with Daniel to get his selection of four current heroes rocking his touring world....

#C2C12: Lineup • Club To Club Alfa Romeo MiTo from Club To Club - #C2C12 on Vimeo.

Mark Fell

Geddes played some of this in the van on tour recently, a record for Pan that apparently was made entirely on Fell's laptop speakers out of four tiny samples of some digital keyboard from the 80s. I guess he never heard the full spectrum recording until he got his artist copies in the mail… if that's not punk, I don't know what is. Oh and it sounds psychotic, too, so there you go.

Dub Techno

Like a warm bath but also a walk in the bitter cold, the best dub techno feels equal parts relaxing and terrifying, soothing and bracingly profound. Went back deep into Echospace this fall and what a trip is was. Sound as living entity, also as a hostile landscape. Interesting overlaps with Richard Skelton, Morton Feldman, black metal ambient interludes (and the more full on tracks, in their way), and Alvin Lucier. An aside on that last one, recently had a tow truck driver save a tour and he looked exactly like Lucier but was blasting a 80% static religious radio station as we tore thru the night to Philadelphia, I was cracking up.

Laurel Halo Live

Did the tour together this fall and she KILLS. Her and Slava are two NYC types that I feel throw down a serious gauntlet every time, sets brimming with ideas and crazy parts and surprising changes and always leaving me feeling like I'm slacking. A necessary situation in art, IMHO.

Ornette Coleman - Science Fiction

Killer melodies, way more interesting and unique than the concept of free jazz or whatever.


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