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30 Year Birthday for The Hacienda

Grame Park gives us 5 of his favourite YouTube moments from through the years...

The Hacienda (or FAC 51) celebrate three decades of pioneering dance music with the triple CD Hacienda 30, mixed by original DJ's Graeme Park & Mike Pickering and club owner Peter Hook.

Opening the doors of the original Haçienda venue on 21st May 1982, 'The Hac' was to become the UK citadel of acid house during the mid to late Eighties and gav­­­e birth to the bands and freaky dancers of the Manchester scene, inspiring a musical generation of artists, DJs, and clubbers along the way. HAÇIENDA 30 celebrates the musical influence created by the Haçienda and the world-renowned scene that drew hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to Manchester and continues to do so today.

The release comes with a specially designed booklet featuring previously unseen Haçienda photography and a focus on the clubs Thirtieth Anniversary Party that took place in The Car Park of The Haçienda Apartments on 21st May 2012 - thirty years to the day the club first opened. You can buy the album here

We caught up with Grame Park to talk about some of his favourite footage and moments from the club through the years. There is some amazing moments captured in these clips so take a history lesson down YouTube alley with five of the best...

"The late Tony Wilson's son Oliver looks back at the legacy of The Haçienda for BBC North West. This clip has some great footage and an overweight me pops up in a chat with Oliver."

"Here's an interview with me from July 1992 that also includes some great footage from the club. I really can't believe how serious, quiet and introverted I appear in this interview. I really don't recognise that person as me at all."

"The late great Tony Wilson, to whom we owe so much, talks about why he set up Factory Records and ultimately The Haçienda. A young Peter Hook interjects."

"Pete Waterman's legendary TV show "The Hitman & Her" came from The Haçienda in 1989. Although he seems a bit "lost", Pete totally got what was going on. Although I didn't DJ that night (I think it was filmed at "Hot" on a Wednesday with Mike Pickering and Jon DaSilva) I was there and remember that Pete knew all of the tunes and was keen to get the names of the ones he didn't know. However Michaela Strachan, his co-presenter, hated every minute and was a fish out of water."

"Finally, here's some footage taken in 1997 inside the club during the day not long before the club closed. Look out for some of the posters and flyers in the office. Lots of great memories of the club for me in this footage."

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  • danzadanzi @ 5 Dec 2012 0:03

    wow h b' day !!!! hacienda legend .... i remember from the movie 24 hours party people how tony wilson have a vision about the future of dance culture ... Hacienda is one of the pioneer involve in the movement ... Great !

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