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Autumn Owls - Four Heroes

Some Owl fellas tell us all about their inspirations...

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Autumn Owls formed and began preparing ideas in 2007. The Dublin three-piece of Gary McFarlane (guitar, vocals), Adam Browne (bass) and Will Purtill (drums) converted a shed into a recording space and began writing and recording. The band self-released their debut EP “Insomnia Lodge” in May 2008 to very favourable reviews. The follow-up was released in December 2008, another five track EP titled On the Trail of the Disappearing. The new tracks were recorded at Westland Studios with producer Ciaran Bradshaw. On the Trail marked a bigger and more adventurous sound from the band and the EP was greeted with a wave of critical acclaim from Irish, UK and US reviewers.

Autumn Owls are playing the Beatyard this Saturday night on a stellar bill including Herbert, Donato Dozzy & Dead Chickens. You can pick up tickets for this event right here right nowl. Check out the following for a taste of four inspirtions for the band...

Michael Faraday - A British scientist who basically made the electric guitar possible, without which our album would not have been made, so that's pretty important

Monet - founder of impressionism, big influence on our approach to music.

Henry Miller - His novel shares many themes with songs from our debut album, "Between Buildings, Toward The Sea".

Echo And The Bunnymen - Most reviewers say we sound like them, so they must have influenced us somewhere along the line!


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