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Bodytonic Podcast - DJMoneyshot

Mo' money, mo' groove...

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Next into the Bodytonic Podcast arena is DJ Moneyshot with a cracking hip-hop party jam mix-up. Boss tracks from start to finish!

The ever-eclectic DJ Moneyshot has won a mad decent following for his killer mixtapes, bubbling live sets, and party-smacking tunes. He’s an all round good egg, and jaw-droppingly nimble ‘pon the decks. His style is mad tight, and described as “dancefloor beats, booties and bass with hip-hop skills,” if you ever find yourself in a situation needing it.

When he’s not getting big love in ink, he’s getting props from cats in the field. Yoda admits to biting mixes off him, and DJ Food called him his favourite DJ out there right now. Praise indeed.

Thanks to his official induction into Ninja Tune's Solid Steel radio family, Moneyshot has being shining hard on the mixtape scene. His sets are the stuff of legend. Besides rocking thousands of downloads, winning Mix of the Year, and hitting over 36 countries a month, they all sound dope on your way to work.

While you're listening to the mix, we also got together for a quick chat with Moneyshot - read on...

First record bought...

I'm from the cassette generation, bro-stain. C-90's at that. I was mad for taping ish. Couldn't get no KISS FM in South Yorkshire though or any pirates when I was a young 'un. Your best bet was Mark Tonderai on Radio 1, for the ten minutes a week he'd play of decent Hip-Hop. Then I'd blag half fare on the train to Sheffield to buy The Source or Represent mag (RIP) to scour the back pages for record shops to buy off mail order stylee. The day my purple Raekwon or Illmatic tapes popped through the letterbox were highlights. I'd also spend an age going through the Ruff Beats catalogue for dope mixes too."

Last record I listened to was...

In it's entirety? Probably Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys. Beginning to end. I had to refresh my memory and get the goosebumps again for the mixtape me, DJ Cheeba and DJ Food did for Solid Steel radio. We broke the album down into thirds and took a section each and rebuilt it from the 150+ records and samples that went into making it. Other cats? Katalyst's Deep Impressions. A beat tape called Messy Chops by Chu. And The Extra P Files EP, which is a heap of dope tracks helmed by the Large Professor.

"The record I pretend I don't love is ..." I have no shame, yo. I've put cheeky funk from Tom Jones and Liza Minnelli on mixes. Atomic Kitten acapellas. Cliff Richard bangers. Boom. Whatever has a nugget of badassness in it. The shiny coin in a bit of dog muck. You can and should find a hype loop in the wackest back catalogues. I even made a mixtape of nothing but musicals and showtune numbers. I hope that's the mix everyone else pretends they don't own.

The record I always go back to

Anything by Public Enemy. That's my roots right there. Thank Christ Chuck and them blew the fu*k up. We wouldn't have the music scene and the people in it we have now without them there prophets of rage. Just peep Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man) from like '87 to catch the bug.

My biggest musical inspiration is...

People being better than me. At making beats. At DJing. You always wanna hold your head up in good company. Never stop gleaming your own cube. At the moment I'm trying to crack the code for the ultimate festival DJ set, and hunting for the ultimate eight bar loop.

My first gigging experience was

Besides a house party, it would be around '97 maybe. I ran with the DJing thing at Uni in Cardiff between 96-97. The first crew I was down with was the Cakemix Cartel with DJ Kovas. We inherited Sunday nights in The Warm As Toast Cafe (or The Twat, as it was called) from P'tangYangKipperBang…Yeah! from Johnny Acid and the boys. About six of us played a genre each. I was Hip-Hop. We failed to build on their success as the hottest night in Wales, and ran it into the ground until I was the only one left who bothered to turn up. I joined Hustler Showcase at Clwb ifor Back after that and blew the eff up.

My worst gigging experience was...

Any gig were you've worked a killer set out and turned up to play to find yourself in a fucking wine bar or something like that, with a load of townie-shirted arsewits. Luckily I've got a crate marked 'party' in Serato and I just pluck from there until my number is up. Or turning up to a corporate gig in London compered by Justin Lee Collins to find a coked up promoter swinging wildly between moods who then kicks off 'cos I tell him I don't play off CDJs. Fucknugget.

My best gigging experience was

This summer gone. The whole batch. Rocking about eight festivals for Chai Wallahs and headlining the lot. Greenman was bonkers. Dropping a We Will Rock You acapella over the Sleng Teng riddim was a hoot. Then again playing in Brisbane with a $250 bar rider was as much a challenge as it was a sweet gig. 'Headline' is a term I'm comfortable to use. I'm on last, 2-4am or thereabouts, and have the duty of capping the night off real well. The fact the the 2000 odd people wouldn't have heard of me isn't the point.

The person I would most like to share a stage with would be...

I dunno, Nick "send 'em all back" Griffin? Still, be fun to play a riot.

If I wasnt a musician/DJ I would be a...

...person with a pension, a house and a car. And a fully functioning set of ears and liver.

Favourite YouTube video...


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