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Four Heroes: Truss (aka MPIA3)

Truss'd up inna Four Heroes style...

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The London-based producer has been making serious waves with killer releases on R&S, Perc Trax, Avian and more. With plenty lined up for 2013, including a remix of Heiko Laux - check Soundcloud for plenty of goodness.

Aphex Twin

The word genius gets used far to often in contemporary music circles, but in the case of Richard D James I believe it's absolutely justified. From S.A.W. to the Analord series, the sheer scale of his body of work under various pseudonyms is staggering and includes many genre defining moments in modern electronic dance music. As much as I often feel inspired by listening to his music, it also regularly has the effect of making me want to quit trying to produce.

Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

My favourite place in London is the Barbican, designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. As a Techno producer it is a standard requirement by law to have a penchant for angular, modernist architecture and the Barbican is one of the finest examples of it's kind in the UK. Seemingly either Utopian or Dystopian in feel and appearance depending on the weather, the Barbican Complex consists of three imposing residential tower blocks surrounding an arts and cultural centre all built with huge grey slabs of concrete in the Brutalist style. Considering it's location in the middle of London, it's a surprisingly calm and tranquil place that also feels so utterly futuristic to me.

Chris Morris

One of the kings of satire, responsible for cult shows Brass Eye and The Day to Day. Anyone who manages to convince Phil Collins to endorse a made up anti pedophile campaign called 'Nonce Sense' is a hero of mine.

Sir David Attenborough*

Is there anyone in the world that doesn't like nature programmes? Or more specifically, nature programmes presented by David Attenborough. There's nothing better for recovering from a big weekend than sitting on the sofa, eating a curry while watching a documentary on marmosets accompanied by the dulcet tones of this genuine British institution.


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