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Four Heroes: Nicholas [Nu Groove]

Italian Nu Groover Nicholas brings us his Four Heroes...

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This Italian Nu Groover Nicholas has released a series of boss release on the likes of 4Lux, Quintessentials, Needwant & Home Taping is killing music. Influenced by classic NY House, Nicholas also tells us about some of his other heroes...


I love horror B-movies from the 70's and 80's, especially the Italian ones. Italian horror films are incredibly gory and can be mean-spirited. Violence against women is de riguer and unlike cautiously tasteful American film-makers, Italians are absolutely not afraid to go over-the-top with dramatic effects; decaying body parts, copious amounts of maggots, spurting arteries and faces smashed through mirrors and windows are common motifs. Dario Argento is something of a living legend. His unique images of violent surrealism and darkest horror have influenced and scared the crap out of an entire generation.. For me, and many other fans, Argento's name brings to mind one title before all others, "Profondo Rosso".


This legendary DJ and Production duo have for over two decades shepherded dance music down new paths with their inventive production. These guys stand behind dozens of the biggest club tracks and remixes in dance music, like this afro house classic


Practising magic and Illusionism is something I've always been really into since I was a kid, so inevitably Houdini was one of the guys I looked up to. Under-water packing crate escapes, prison breakouts, manacled bridge jumps, upside-down straitjacket escapes, I just love that kind of stuff. Here is a great movie from 1953 about him which I've watched hundreds of times.


Best DJ I've heard, resident since 1989 of Red Zone club in Perugia, were I basically took my lessons in House music. Check out this set from 1992 that starts with some slick downtempo grooves and then continues with some fine Kerri Chandler, Jimi Polo, TC Crew and the likes.

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